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Our love for reindeer & Santa...

We are trying to get some things finished on the outside of the house prior to winter hitting hard.  The stone around the front door, garage, and the back of the house.  We had the stone delivered on Friday only to not have the trim.  There was some sort of communication breakdown between us & the guy when ordering it.  Not sure what happened because it was directly spoken about.  It should be delivered on Monday.

The fireplace has been picked up & dropped off at the house.  The tile will be delivered on Wednesday.  We could have had the tile tomorrow, but they will be starting the priming tomorrow so we wanted to wait.  We will move all of the appliances in on either Tuesday or Wednesday.  I need them out of my garage here so I can start working on vanities for bathrooms.  Plus we are running out of space down there ;(  It doesn't help that I am continuously bringing home more furniture...oops.  

I went to pick up the dresser to be turned into vanity on Thursday and ended up finding this cool double folding wooden chair & church pew to be turned into a cool sitting area.  Our poor garage is packed to the ceiling.

We have double window in our living room - this will fit perfect right under them with a nice cushion :)

Kacey needs to finish the shed as much as possible before winter sets in.  He's been spending lots of days over there especially weekends.  It just seems things keep going on that he only gets a few hours here & there...  Yesterday was no different.  I had to have him help me go pick up the dresser & pew with the trailer.  The place I bought them closes for the winter.  This is her last weekend so I had to get it picked up.
This will be turned into a vanity for our bathroom!!

And, then we had to go to Adams Faircare Market to go see Santa!  We had been building Shea up for the last couple of weeks & of course it failed.  She had a death grip on me & said she is afraid of Santa :(  I guess this to shall pass.  Kacey took her to grab a few groceries while Katie & stood in line.  She loves the reindeer & had a nice lengthy conversation with Santa.

They had these cool little stuffed animals that looked real.  The puppy was super cute & Katie just loved it.  She wants a dog so very bad, but we just don't have the time for a pet right now.

This little girl is loving tap & ballet! Her teacher is awesome..

This one loves to watch sissy during tap & ballet!!!  She claps for her & gets excited to see her do her thing!!

The window is in front of her...she stared through watching Sissy for the entire hour!!

Enjoy your Sunday!! Much love, peace & happiness

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