November 2012 - Lynn Fern

Random acts, thoughts & ventures

 Today I ventured to Philly to Philadelphia Salvage.  A great find indeed.  It is roughly a 2 hour 45 minute drive.  But, this is what I like to do….set out for the day on an adventure to find cool, unusual things.  I had a mission at Philadelphia Salvage first & foremost.  They had a pedestal sink that I just couldn’t wait to take a peek at.  I had spoken to George on the phone yesterday & he was so nice.  I knew that just the drive to get the sink was worth it.

I packed myself up, dropped Katie off at school, and took off.  My mom was kind enough to come over to watch Shea for the day.  I got to the store & was so not disappointed.  I got there about lunchtime & got the guys in the midst of eating – sorry Martin & Brian.  And, they were actually closed today (oooppss).  But, they were so amazingly kind to let me shop, and was so nice to help me find the things I was looking for.  I found so many different & truly cool things.  The place is full of history…  I walked away with a door, a mantel, my pedestal sink & a chandelier.  

Lovely Vintage Crane Sink...Such a beauty!

My pantry cool is this door!


Martin & Brian loaded it all in my van!!  George was a pleasure to chat with as well…and even gave me a new place to venture off to, which I did on my way home J  I highly recommend this fun place.  Check out their facebook page - Website -  They have an Etsy shop & things listed on Ebay!  If you visit, I don’t think you would be anything but happy!  I honestly am so jealous at the job they have there! 
Where my mantel had been sitting. Cool sign above!

I of course had to swing by Geno’s for a Philly Cheese Steak & it was just divine! 
The gentleman that gave us the gift card the morning of the fire has been on my mind & heart deeply. It comes & goes but some days heavier than others. I have always felt that certain people come into your live for a reason.  Some for a short time, some for the duration of your live, some to teach us or bring something into our lives that particular moment.  I know that there are certain people that I can say they were put in my life for a specific purpose.  I think there are times we cross paths with someone that it was for a reason.  Just my thoughts.  I was just reading a blog that shares that same line of thought.  I love what she is doing in her life for youth.  Her blog post the other day made me think.  I often find myself doing random acts of kindness just because I love to see someone smile.  I try to make small talk with the elderly, or help someone that I can see needs a little help, etc.  It just makes my heart smile when I feel I might have made someone else smile.  

Today as I was standing in line at Geno’s I bought the next couple of random people their lunch.  It just kinda happened…  All I can hope is that one of those random people pay it forward…it was my way of paying it forward.  So to you kind gentleman that I wrote about in my first blog post that has etched your way into my heart…thank you for your kindness. 

On my way home I thought about my act….it made me feel good.  I’ve challenged myself to complete one random act of kindness a week.  I’d love to hear any random things a stranger has done for you or what you have done. 

The road I drove home was on through to New Hope, PA.  It is a charming little town with beautiful shops, antique stores & a Dunkin Donuts & Starbucks directly across from one another!  And, then on over the bridge (Delaware Water Gap) to Lamberville, NJ.  I stopped at an Antique Mall and a few boutique shops.  I will be going back in the spring when it is nice out.  You can actually walk over the bridge, which provides a gorgeous view.  The drive was simply extraordinary!  I almost had many wrecks for gawking at the scenery.

Once I started on my way home & it was getting dark, I looked up through a group of trees.  I was trying to figure out what it was.  At first I thought it was the sun setting, but it was too dark out.  I realized it was the moon…gorgeous GIGANTIC fire orange moon.  I wanted to take a picture so bad, but there was no place to pull off.

My day was a success.. Now to see how much trouble I am going to be in by our carpenter when he sees this door that will be used for my pantry J 

Much love, peace & happiness!!


Let it snow..

It is snowing here (or was) today so I stayed in after dropping the girls off at school.  I have to work on the inventory list from the fire - I have to provide receipts of things replaced and show the line item # of what was replaced.  It is tedious but a work I will do.  It was a good day for it.

I did go back to the thrift store to get the lovely china I found last week.  I unpacked it, washed it & put it away in my corner cabinet I purchased at the auction.  This is a piece of furniture that I am just in love with!  And a bargain I got it for!!

Christmas tree is up, stockings are hung :)  Love this time of year!  My girls got the little Elf on the Shelf this year.  They named her Twinkle!  She was found hanging upside down yesterday morning from our dining room chandelier...  Why?  Well because she was MAD that my little angel Katie decided to give mommy such a hard time at dinner Sunday night!  Last night at dinner we had no issues..HMMM might need to use her throughout the year!

I am headed to Philly tomorrow... There is a fantastic place to rummage through for some great finds & I am taking off to do just such.  I will be back to show off my finds.  I might find myself with a yummy Philly Cheese steak - oh I haven't had one in years.  

The end of this week our the inside of the house is getting primed :)  I've picked out paint color.  I am waiting until I pick up our tile so I can decide on other colors for the bathrooms.  February is right around the!  I now get to start thinking about packing again - UGH!!!

Off to make dinner & finish working on this inventory list.

Much love, peace & happiness!!

Another day

If you are into Mary Kay or would like to try a few things NOW is the time.  My very dear friend of mine is a Mary Kay consultant & she has some really great sales for the holidays right now.

Check her site out.  I know she would be happy to help you with holiday gift baskets or anything else you might want to purchase.

I remember going to Mary Kay parties with my mom when I was not even a teen yet.  I always wanted the lip gloss.  My mom wore Mary Kay for years.

We spent the weekend running errands & trying to wrap up a few decisions.  My nephew & his family came through on their way back home in Boston.  It was a really nice but quick visit.

Katie & I went to the tile store on Saturday morning.  It is the warehouse outlet of the store that we originally purchased tile from.  I was able to get all 3 bathrooms picked out & finalized in a mere 2ish hours... All will be neutral colors but easy to add different accents to.  Everything but our shower floor was in stock & I was way less than we budgeted so that made me happy!!

Then we hit up Hobby Lobby & The Christmas Tree Store...both favorites of ours.  Katie was the perfect shopping partner & she even shared her Mike & Ike candy with me - BONUS!!

The taping on the house will be complete in the next day or two & priming will start at the end of the week.  I am on a mission to finalize my paint selections.  One of our stores is having a 20% off Benjamin Moore paint until Thursday...big savings!

Kacey & I have made some furniture decisions & we are both excited.  It's moving quite fast...

At some point I need to finish the vanity for both bathrooms.

I am headed to my favorite auction on Wednesday.  I scored some big things last time, mom & I drove home with the hatch back on the van tied down with the lights shining in my face and I got home at a little after 1 A.M!!!  It was fun & I am looking forward to going back just not going to buy as much...well maybe not.  I have rope :)

Much love, peace & happiness!!

The day after...

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  We did!  I got up & made french toast bake…and it was scrumptious. 

Katie crawled up on the couch and watched the Thanksgiving parade.  She couldn't wait for it to start…she talks about seeing it to the end so she can see Santa!

She loves to help cook!

We then went over to my in-laws for turkey dinner.  We always have a feast & this year was no let down.  We sit around talk, eat, watch football, have a few beers, eat, wash, rinse & repeat.  I love turkey & having turkey leftovers is one of my all-time favs.  I think that is one of those quirky things my husband & I have in common…we both have baked turkeys in mid-July because we love them so much.

The girls with Nanny & Grandpa

Yummy Turkey!!

Ahhh before lunch is served....

Our contractor emailed us Wednesday night to let us know that the tapers would be there working Thursday to leave the heat on.  What the what???   Oh we now have heat – YIPEE!!  But, I just felt so awful when he said they’d be there.  I have always had this strange thing about people working on Thanksgiving… I mean I know gas stations & some small markets need to be open, but I don’t know just hard for me to explain.  I've just always put family time & Thanksgiving together…just how I was raised I suppose.

That long beam is going to be distressed & made to look 100 years old (so I hope) & that grey post will be trimmed out as well.  
Dining Room to the left, kitchen to the right with walk-in pantry

Looking from dining room to the front door & upstairs 

Looking from dining room to living space & into the guest room (blue wall is guest bath)

Upstairs Common Area

Laundry off the girls bathroom (common area to the right)

Looking Downstairs

Looking Upstairs

The back is being prepped for stone & deck to start on Monday

Basement (in that right corner a room will be built all for me & my furniture)

Looking from the farside of the basement (aka - Kacey's office :) )

That there will be my craft room :)

Now you are able to see the 3 different floors.

I tried taking a couple of pictures of the girls for Christmas cards & Shea for some reason was into making funny faces….she’s our little comedian!

Kacey & I went out this morning to Tractor Supply to look at wood burning stoves for the basement with no luck.  The newer ones seem to have a smaller opening so you can't fit large logs in.  His dad has one that they used in their basement for years.  It's in perfect shape but needs to be cleaned up.  I say we go for it.  It's nice & I think it would be perfect!  Plus would save us a few $$.

We did home with 2 outdoor rocking chairs & a bench to match that will go on the new deck.

Katie & I are headed out early tomorrow to go pick up tile for the bathrooms & then back to Cornwall to meet up with my nephew & his family.  They are driving through on their way home from visiting her family.  We will hang out for a little while, have lunch & they will head on home.  Looking forward to seeing them!!

Have a great weekend - with much love, peace & happiness!!



I am so very thankful for so many things.  I think the events of this last year have opened my mind & humbled my spirit.  It has made me think about the small things that add up to make a big thing important. 

  • We’ve gone through some heavy duty trials – many health issues with my mom popped up.  I am very thankful I still have her around along with my dad (he’s been a strong rock for us to lean on).  Even though there are days that seem more than I can bear, I am more thankful than ever that I have been given the opportunity to care for her. 
  • We’ve pulled together & shown that we might be rocked a little but our footing is too strong for us as a family to be knocked down.  I am ever so thankful that I have a husband that puts up with me, has made me a stronger, smarter & more loving person.
  • We have 2 amazingly smart, witty, beautiful, funny & totally different little girls.  As they keep me on my toes every single day, I am thankful that I have those toes to be kept on J  I love that they challenge me even though some days I want to seriously pull every hair out of my head.  But, then I wouldn’t hear “mommy I love your hair & want it to be long like yours”…so I am thankful I don’t pull it out.
  • We are thankful for our sub-contractors (& of course General Contractor) so this morning Kaitlyn & I delivered 2 boxes of Joe & a dozen donuts from Dunkin Donuts to them at the house…to just say hey we know it’s cold, we appreciate what you are doing…so THANK YOU for rebuilding our home!  Katie helped me carry things into the house & all the guys came to get coffee, as they were standing around one of them asked her what she thought.  Her response was “I think I am thankful you all are rebuilding for us”..took my breath away.  He stood silent for a moment & then said “what I really was wondering is what do you think of what your house looks like?”  For her…she was still thinking about the conversation we were just having in the car as to why we were taking the coffee & donuts, but it still made me want to pick her up and hug her!  She’s just too sweet!

Honestly this list could just go on, but then this post would be entirely too long & I am not sure I could type it all!

I took pictures yesterday that show the upstairs with the walls up, but by this afternoon the downstairs would all be done as well.  

Girls Room

2nd room upstairs - front dormer window

Looking into our room from common area

Our room - the bathroom is the room with blue walls

Our Room
Hopefully the taper will be there possibly on Friday if not then on Monday.  That means we will get to start painting soon…  YAY! It seems so real to me seeing the walls up.  My vision for each room went into crazy overdrive yesterday. I need to finalize my tile selections for the bathrooms.  

The girls want horses in their room.  So Aunt Katie has so generously offered to paint a mural on their wall...we are going to do a carousel horses.  I think it will be so adorable!

I love to cook.  And, when I cook I love to make things homemade if possible.  I made a big fajita dinner Sunday night complete with homemade guac, homemade tortillas & homemade salsa – my girls love them & Shea loves spicy food.  

She is so my mini me on personality but looks like her daddy.  Katie is just reverse…looks like me but is her daddy when it comes to her personality! 

On Monday after nap Shea woke up & asked for some chips & salsa with guacamole!  So I sat her up with a bowl & she was in heaven.  She didn’t budge until it was all gone! 

I found this set of china that I am swooning over!  I love them & feel I really really must have them.  It is a 65 piece set that is missing a few of the pieces, but it is at a little local thrift store that all proceeds go to the local hospital.  I might have to accidentally find my way in there on Friday J  

I hope you all have a peaceful & wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Much love, peace & happiness!!


Oh what a beautiful weekend...

Notice the amazing makeover in this place?  Oh isn’t it just lovely…I think it is.  MY new friend Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage did this piece of work & I am in love with it!! Thank you Shannon.. I like coming here now J  If you don’t follow her blog, well you should.  She does some really great makeovers, crafts, and has some neat ideas.  She truly inspires me on so many different levels & she sells some of my favorite paint!!  What’s not to love….head on over to


I sat out Saturday morning bright & early to hit up a couple of tag sales.  I ended up at a couple of antique stores & a consignment store.  I wanted to be back home early so Kacey could go over to the house to work.  I didn’t get home until 1 pm…yikes & oops.  Lucky I have a patient husband that didn’t mind.


I scored a couple of cool things.  My big score was this sweet light fixture. 
It will go above my kitchen sink.  I have a BIG double window & I think it will look AWESOME there!!  I found this really fun shop that I will be going back to often.  It had so many neat little finds.  She had it decked out with all sorts of Christmas decorations in the front & then in the back tons of antiques.  I could have stayed much longer than I did.  And, then I drove down the road into this out of a storybook town.  I parked & found this little antique store, bookstore & an old time bakery. 


I could’ve sat there all day with book in hand, but I had little people waiting for me.  But, just lookit…couldn’t you have just parked it for a bit? 

I did buy a coffee to go, a ginger cookie, and some dinner rolls to go with our roasted chicken, mashed taters, gravy & salad.  They were simply heaven!  I will be going back to this little gem.
Oh I could’ve bought one or two of the pies or some sour crème blueberry bread or pumpkin bread with chocolate chips…  I did come on home to find my sweet littles ready to hang ornaments on the Christmas tree (yes it’s up…see below).
I found this sewing machine at Habitat for Humanity restore last week & I just love it. 

It is hand carved & I probably should’ve been arrested when I bought this..I stole it for an amazing deal.  I am always finding great things there hence my basement full of furniture to redo….oops again.  I don’t mind buying from them because the money helps to build homes.  And, Uncle Dave also volunteers for Builders Blitz each year.     

Speaking of furniture, my poor husband had to move all my finds into the basement from the garage.  Why? My new appliances (minus washer & dryer) & range hood venting system has arrived!  We wanted to store them here until the new house is secure & they won’t be in the way of the sheet rockers.  I was at Home Depot on Thursday to look at a couple of color options for our deck.  As I was walking to the back I happen to be passing the appliance section…AND there they sat in all their glory.  It was my washer & dryer I had picked out, but this time they were on sale. A big sale $550 off total for the TWO!! I couldn’t dial the phone fast enough.  I actually ended up saving over $700 on the set with a discount card I had plus free delivery.  They will be here next Monday.  This will probably be the only time you catch me admitting to loving my laundry appliances (I hate doing laundry with all my heart). I feel like it really is Christmas here with all of these big boxes arriving by the way.   

Ballet for the girls is getting to be a lot of fun.  Both girls are learning their dance for the recital which is not until June. 

 Shea waiting for her sticker :)


The older girls have been working on the productions they do during Christmas (Nutcracker & another production I can’t remember).  My niece Liz has been in the Nutcracker for a couple of years now.  I will be taking Katie this year.   Katie also wants (she may or may not have been begging every single day) to go see the Trans Siberian Orchestra.  Those tickets are not cheap. 

My house has been transformed from Fall to Christmas.  I won’t spoil it all & show it off right now.  It’s not that I don’t love Thanksgiving (& Fall), but I like to just get it decorated, clean up the mess, & enjoy it because it flies by.  The Christmas holiday season brings such joy. 

Not sure that my girls made it out of their PJs yesterday....yikes!  For the record I did get them dressed in new ones for bed.

It’s off to the grocery store…nice & early to beat hopefully the big crowd.

Much love, peace & happiness for this beautiful Sunday.
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