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Auction love..

Before I go into my finds..  I am asking if you can lift up Calli Smith Manuel.  She is the little sister of a high school friend.  Calli & her husband are in South Africa serving as missionaries.  She has become very ill with malaria and her liver is failing.  Her family is so far away and are extremely worried about her.  I as a mom could not imagine what it would be like not to be able to get to my child in such a critical situation.  I ask that you keep her & her family in your thoughts & prayers.  I usually don't ask for this on my blog, but I just really felt the need.  

I grabbed the below beauties at an online auction that is close to home.  

I plan to use this cabinet in my arts & crafts room to hold all of my supplies.

I will put shelves in it so everything will be kept in a nice & neat area.  My room will not have a closet so this will work perfect.  Wanna know how much I paid for it??  $25!!

When you first walk into our front door to the left is our stairs to go up to the bedrooms & common area.  You go up 2 steps to a platform & turn right to go all the way up.  On the platform is a cubby.  Originally we talked about a closet, but I didn’t really want a closet there.  I wanted to find an armoire…one similar to what I had lost in the fire.  I have been looking for the last 5 or 6 months finding nothing.  This pretty thing was the first thing I saw when I logged in to the auction… I got a little excited! 

I like the mirror & think it will add a nice touch!

A score at $70!!

The other thing I found was these side tables.  

They have a glass top that will be removed.  I picked them out to see if they will work for my sister in law.  She has a smallish living area but wanted side tables.  I will strip them, chose a paint color & distress them.   I hope they are a good fit for her…if not I am sure I can find a nice spot for them.  $36 for the pair…not bad.

I am headed to another auction on Wednesday.  I would like to replace our furniture from the fire with the things I can redo.  I know that this can/will take some time since I am needing to buy furniture for almost every room, but this can also be fun so long as I don't start to feel a tad overwhelmed or discouraged.  

Hope you enjoyed my finds :)

Much love, peace & happiness!!

~The Ferns

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