It's the final countdown - Lynn Fern

It's the final countdown

Not sure I can wrap my head around the fact that we are in the very final stages of completion.  We are now down to clean up & the little details to get us to CO.  What the what???

First I remain so humbled by the event that led us to where we are now.  I am forever grateful to the entire crew that has worked on the rebuild.  I am not sure I could ever express how much I appreciate the amount of time, effort & work they poured into our home.  There were abnormally warm days that gave us the ability  to move forward at a faster pace, but then we had some crazy rains that made their way to us during the framing, and then we've had some face hurting cold days.  These guys came & worked through each day to ensure the house was built!  We've had hands down the best crew ever!

Would you like to see some pictures?  If not, turn away now....

Girls room

Common Area the view

This will become our outdoor patio with the roof from the deck upstairs

The stonework has been completely finished.  Rich our mason did an amazing job!  He worked so hard & put so much into it!!

Hope you enjoyed.  I will be bringing finished pictures soon and even a video tour (possibly)!

With much love, peace & happiness!
~ The Ferns

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