I have nothing.... - Lynn Fern

I have nothing....

to bring to you today.  I did nothing but comfort my little one.  She woke up this morning not feeling so great.  I ran Katie to school, came home & decided I should take her to her doctor.  Momma's instincts were right...yet another ear infection - # 3 since Jan 11.  UGH we just can't win this battle.  Both girls...my babies.  Off to the ENT on Wednesday.  I don't like that she is now on round 3 of antibiotics each round only allowing 1 - 2 days between the next round...yeah not good. 

I've had lots of questions about the vanity I just did.  The colors.  I am writing up a blog post with how I did it, what colors I used & what brands.  There was a little more that went into it. 

I will be back soon as I have a few things to bring to you.  The house...oh it is nearing.  We will be going over a list on Friday of the little things to do, the deck railings will be going on next week, and the inside stairs will be getting stained.  This means we can't go in for about 4 days.  I will be spending all day tomorrow & Thursday wrapping up the painting.  I will get to go furniture shopping next week.

But for now I leave you with one of my favorite quotes  -

“What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.”
Mother Teresa

And a recent picture...I just thought it felt peaceful!

With much love, peace & happiness

~ The Ferns 

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