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Kitchen Island

I can't believe it is already Monday night!!  My weekend flew by, and I really intended to post this last night.  I guess when you have a super busy weekend this tends to happen.

I was so excited on Saturday when I got to reveal our door.  We are so in love with the door and enjoy how it has pulled such a fun element into the room.

If you have been reading our "drama" with our kitchen island...herehere, we knew that we needed to start looking for another option.  Honestly what I really wanted was a workbench turned island.  Something that fit the rustic modern look going on.  We have lots of family/friends over for dinner and to play cards.

Last Thursday I ventured out to some of my favorite spots once spring hits to find goodies.  I ended up hitting up a place that I questioned myself if I should go or not.  Well as it turned very happy I did go.

I found this guy -

And, turned it into this....

It is a perfect for our family.  I turned it from green to red with dark Annie Sloan wax to match the door. I had to paint the nuts & bolts back to black. I need to put another coat of wax..but I couldn't wait to show you.  I also need to style it up...not sure if I loving this yet.  It is exactly what we were looking for though, and the best part is we can fit many bar stools around it.  I am looking to get something like these for the side close to the dining table.

And, then these for the side by the kitchen.

I also hit up the Stormville Flea Market Sunday morning in hopes of finding some bar such luck.  But, I did find this cool little step stool.  The top opens and turns into a little chair :)  So cute and at a great price!!

I thought it looked cute with the island...and that is when I decided to get a couple of backless stools for that side.

Check out this awesome dough bowl....

I swear this guy was taller than I am.  A very hefty price as well :(  When I showed my husband he asked if it was an old bathtub.  I didn't really buy anything at the flea market.  I did get a really cool scale though.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

~ Lynn

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