UPDATE: Maison Blanche giveaway!! - Lynn Fern

UPDATE: Maison Blanche giveaway!!

UPDATE: I am obviously new at this blogging/giveaway thing so...

I should clarify.... 

The lovely door was a makeover... (as some comments mentioned they were not sure if I meant as the picture was shown or if I had painted)  So it is no longer the color that is in the photo.  In the post below, there are pictures that will give you a peek at our living, dining room & kitchen.  I should’ve included this link originally.  This will give you a chance to know our style, and give you clues as to what I HAVE painted it.  Also, it can be any paint brand...doesn't have to be a Maison Blanche color.


 So know you can enter a color guess via rafflecopter each day – click onto rafflecopter entry that says name that color so it is recorded through rafflecopter with a time that you entered and then enter your color guess as a comment on this blog post. This is so that it makes you eligible to win.  I sincerely apologize for any confusion.

Everyone that placed an entry yesterday (except for 2 entries which they stated they were not sure if it meant I had painted the door or not) guessed what they thought the door was as it was shown in the picture. 

I want everyone to have a fair chance at guessing…so wanted to make sure I explained better than I had originally. 

Are you ready to play?

The only question I was asked -

Question: where in NY are you? I feel like that might make a difference.
Answer: I live in the Hudson Valley specifically Cornwall, NY and is in Orange County.  I am about an hour north of Manhattan.

SO, what color is this lovely door now?

Good luck to all!!!  I will announce the winner this afternoon should we have a winner :) 

And, GOOOO...

http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/6832f21/" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

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