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7 Random Acts of Kindness

Seven... 7! That's all.  It's not much right?  Today I am blogging in preparation for May 15th! 

Cassie at Primitive & Proper has blogged about this family that lost not only their home but 2 beautiful girls in a tragic house fire.  Sophie would have been 7 on May 15 and so Chrissi the girls momma has put together an event 7 random acts of kindness.  I find this to be a great thing and a positive thing that I hope will spread as wide as possible. 

If you feel you'd like to know more, you can read about it on Cassie's blog at Primitive & Proper -


And, the link to the facebook page setup by Chrissi -


Please help Chrissi by spreading the word.  What kind of random acts of kindness can you do?  Buy coffee for a stranger, help an elderly person carry their groceries to their car or help load them, bring flowers to someone whose day is gloomy, oh man the list just goes on....

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