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A little information - Carolina Farmhouse (Attorney Info)

First & foremost let me make it clear that the reason I started writing on my blog about Carolina Farmhouse was for informational & educational purposes only.  I never wanted to turn my blog into a place to rant about this mess.

As a matter of fact it took a lot for me to write about it and I tossed it around for many days before I did.  But, as time went on and we were having more & more issues I came here to write about our experiences. And, yes it happens to be a pretty big part of our journey.  So it is just that - our opinion and experience that we (The Ferns) have endured.  As time went by I started having more & more people either comment or send me an email about what they were/are going through.  I had spent a ton of my time, time that I don't get paid for nor can I get that time back, doing research on what our (meaning my husband & I) options were.  We are customers shouldn't we have some sort of protection too and a right to share our experience with others!?!  I wasn't getting any responses from Carolina Farmhouse regarding delivery.  And, it wasn't until we went to someone higher up (filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau) to get them to see we were seriously concerned.

The more of Carolina Farmhouse customers that came to me asking what were we doing, what could they do, was there anything that could be done.  Let me tell ya folks there are lots of people out there mad, angry, hurt, upset and simply devastated that they trusted Sam & Kelly Utt-Grubb with their money and to have a product delivered. 

So I put together the information I had with were to file a complaint, who to call, etc.  I also said if you are going through this situation to contact me.  The reason behind that was so I could pass along the information via email because some of the customers wanted to remain private.  I've already spent my precious time gathering so why not save someone else the time and some of the frustration.  There were many people that didn't know that they could file a complaint through the Attorney General's office. 

Am I passionate about this?  So to speak - yes!  Why?  I feel awful and sad for those that are going through this as well....  I believe in helping others and you know honestly I went to bed many nights sick to my stomach.  I have lost sleep over knowing I had been so nice, patient and cheered on this company, and to think that they have my money knowing that we had lost everything prior...many conversations was about our gratefulness that they were giving back to not only us but to others...my heart falls to the pit of my stomach.  I don't get it, I don't understand nor can I wrap my head or heart around understanding why or how.  I don't want to lose faith in people or small businesses.  And, I don't believe I am alone in feeling a range of emotions.  Not many people have the money to just go buy another table or bedroom set that they've already paid in full for.  I also believe that the tone some of us were receiving when just simply trying to get answers made us all a little more edgy about the entire ordeal.  I certainly believe in the way you treat others is the way you will be treated in return.  I am also certain that had things been more upfront & honest you'd see a lot less negativity floating around....of course this is all my opinion and how I view mine & my husbands situation.  So am I passionate about this...most definitely. 

The bottom line is we just want our money back ASAP so we can just move on.  I am tired of wasting any more of my time on Carolina Farmhouse.  It is something I want to be completely done with!


On a positive note they are working with an attorney that I am sincerely hoping is here to help straighten this out.  I had a lengthy conversation with him last week, and he is willing to talk to those that are going through any of this.  He gave me permission to provide his email address here.  John Szymankiewicz john@jslawcenter.com

I am no longer working with or conversing with anyone at Carolina Farmhouse.  I am directing all of my questions and inquiries directly to Mr.  Szymankiewicz.

If you feel you need to have any questions answered regarding your situation, please contact Mr. Szymankiewicz.  He was a pleasure to speak with, and he answered all of the questions I had. 

I hope this information helps.


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