Do you have questions for Carolina Farmhouse? - Lynn Fern

Do you have questions for Carolina Farmhouse?'s your chance to ask.  I wrote a blog a couple of days ago HERE about the attorney that is working with Carolina Farmhouse that you can reach out to.

I am working with John (the attorney) to gather your questions to be answered by him.  He has asked me to trust him (a big thing with me right now..and he realizes that's a lot to ask for)....  He said he is willing to build that trust and that is by creating open communication and willing to answer questions openly and honestly.  Keep in mind that there are some questions that may not be able to be answered, and if not I am certain John will try his best to give you a reason why. 

So...  If you have any questions (and don't be shy...ask the hard ones) you'd like to have answered, you can either email me at or you can leave them in the comment section.  I will compile them and send them to John. 

Once we have a good list of questions (I've sent some to him already from myself and others), I will do a FAQ blog post. 

We are hoping that this will give everyone some answers to the questions that haven't been answered.  And, a chance for you to get a better understanding. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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