Well worth the wait.. Our new dining room table!! Stable Tables ROCKS! - Lynn Fern

Well worth the wait.. Our new dining room table!! Stable Tables ROCKS!

With all the trouble we've had with Carolina Farmhouse, we were hesitant on purchasing through another small business.  But, we are so happy and beyond thrilled that we didn't let Carolina Farmhouse detour us. 

I starting looking around for a table and an island at the beginning of April when I knew we needed to shift gears.  I was more browsing trying to figure out our options.  I found several places, talk to several different owners, and just was still a little shy about moving forward.  I did find one table that I fell in love with, but it didn't come with leaves which we really wanted.  I was on Facebook one evening when one of my absolute favorite places, Philadelphia Salvage Co., posted a picture of a table that they had supplied reclaimed wood to a guy that builds tables.  I was nosey and snooped around and clicked on the Facebook page of Stable Tables.

And, then went to his website - http://www.tablesbenches.com/

I immediately loved the tables that John Duffy was building.  I was drawn to his work instantly.  Have you ever come across someone that you feel drawn to without ever meeting them...you feel a sense of "this is a good person"?  I emailed him, and he called me in no time. 

A stunning table that is in the Showroom.  And, a really cool cheese block on top!!  

I told him what I was wanting, sent him a few pictures of our space.  I ordered last Thursday (a week ago today)....I went and picked up this beauty YESTERDAY!  Not even a full week and my sweet gorgeous table was ready!!  Just like that...Easy as sweet apple pie :)

There is a story behind the wood he uses because he uses TRUE reclaimed wood. Our table - the top was made from salvaged barn flooring (not sure from where).  If the barn was built in the 1800's, chances are good that the original tree was growing before the American Revolution! The skirt was from re-sawn beams from a factory in Philadelphia.  The legs are old porch legs that who knows how old they are, I think they are  nothing short of awesome!

I just think that alone is so very cool.  John & his brother-in-law Roger works together and I couldn't say enough nice things.  John takes care of customers providing the true small business attitude "I am happy to have your business"...he made small talk, loads of energy, smiling.  Gosh all I can say is what a pleasure it was to meet & do business with John at Stable Tables.  He even gave me a homemade cheese block!  I picked out the hickory block and I love it. 

If you are looking for a beautiful custom made table, you will not be anything but satisfied with Stable Tables.  They also build other custom pieces of furniture.

I simply can't wait to host many parties/dinners with our family and friends where we can sit around this amazing table that was built from the hands of a true artisan (It is 8 foot long with 2 20" leaves...I think we can host many people around this beaut)!!  There will be years of memory making sitting right here -

Thank you John & Roger for a truly stunning table!!!  May you be blessed :)

A very happy Fern Family!!


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