Tweaks to our bedroom PART 2 - Lynn Fern

Tweaks to our bedroom PART 2

I am getting really close to revealing the changes we made to our bedroom.  In the meantime I wanted to show you a few of the other makeovers I did before revealing the entire room. 

The next makeovers I forgot :( to take before pictures.  I just started painting and was done before I knew it.
My side of the bed... I also had a dark night stand.  I had painted the drawers with Maison Blanche Colette.  I love the color & love how they came out...but wanted something lighter.

I found a very old cabinet hutch that really needed a ton of work.  I picked it up for $50..

It was 2 pieces..

The bottom the doors needed lots of work (the top veneer was damaged beyond repair).

So..I just took the doors off and opened it up.

The top...same thing...

There was no glass in the door.  No problem.

I had a few coffee grain sacks that I had just gotten..

 And, so I attached it from the inside and turned the top hutch into our TV cabinet!

You might have noticed a couple of stools..
The one right above I picked up at an auction for $2.50...score!

This is a stool I picked up at Target on clearance for $10.  It had a super ugly cover on it.  I took the other side of the coffee grain sack and covered it!  I love it!!

And, then a tiny sneak peek at our headboard...the reveal will come soon.

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