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I am having a blast

I have forever said that I am not the creative type nor do I hold an artistic bone in my body.  But, something happened that changed all of that sometime back...

I picked up a paint brush... end of story!
Well maybe not end of story truthfully!  I didn't realize I had it in me to paint or create!  Once it proved differently I have been loving it & finding my way!
Sparks are flying with Newburgh Vintage Emporium open, and it has taken my thought process into a complete new level. 
I am now going to be taking in custom work.  I have started the process of expanding my business by simply creating business cards, personalized price tags, and a brochure show casing some of my work. 
I designed and made each piece myself.... And hold it....  I loved every minute of it!
I originally started out with making my price tag (hang tags).  I made my template with Publisher, printed out on recycled card stock, and then I used a paper punch I purchased from Michaels to punch out the design above.  It is from the Recollections line and super easy to use.  I made hole punches to put my bakers twine through and BAM personalized hang tags!

I used the same design artwork (me being artsy :) ) on a blank business card template in Publisher.  I then just used a paper cutter and there you go... Cheap Frugal nice DIY personalized business cards! 

Next is my brochure.  I had started on one when I was in my previous space, but something just wasn't feeling right.  I think looking back I realize that it was a bit of a hike to get my other space.  I am not sure how someone would've felt about traveling so far to get a piece of furniture to me to work on. 
Again I used Publisher to make the brochure.  They will be printed on glossy heavier stock paper.  This was just to get an idea.  I love how they turned out.  Simple and to the point! 
Essentially except for my time (labor of love) & the little materials it is free advertising.
My space is all set up & ready to go for doors to be opening on Saturday, March 1st.  The store owners Troy & Jimmy have put a magnitude of hard work in creating this wonderful space.  I love going in and working in my space...there is such a positive vibe and there are some great vendors!!  SO many are looking forward to the doors to be open for business!!

Just the beginning of something great.  I still have so many pieces of furniture that will be going (no room right now).  I am also going to be offering many newer vintage inspired items.  I am in the works with a dealer to bring those to my space.  I just hope I can part with them & not want it all for myself :)
It's been buzzing the last couple of days and here are a few sneak peeks of what's to come...

If you are in the area, come on in & visit us!! Oh & come on over to Facebook and follow along if you don't already.  Newburgh Vintage Emporium will be having something special for those that are Facebook fans ::wink wink::
~ Lynn
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