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J. Murphy Blacksmith Dresser makeover

Hi all... Hope everyone is having a fantastic week.  We've endured a few pop up storms lately.  They've produced lots of wind & heavy rains.  Luckily for us we've escaped the downed trees & power lines and have retained electricity.  Not everyone has been so fortunate around us.

I've had several pieces of furniture that I've worked on recently.  I just haven't had much time to share with you.  End of school & start of camp, Haven Conference along with a few family activities had my mind preoccupied for a bit.

I had gone to visit my booth one morning & on the way back I stopped at Habitat for Humanity Restore.  They had nothing and so I was walking out when I see 2 gentlemen unloading the back of a truck.  TWO...not one but two beautiful bookcases one with a secretarial desk.  I scored.

My van was loaded but as I was driving up the road to our house I noticed some stuff being thrown out by our neighbor...  I couldn't stop right then, but let me tell you what I saw I was going back.  I couldn't get home fast enough... I pulled into the driveway, grabbed my husband & said let's go.

I grabbed this old dresser...ok ok well my hubby grabbed it.  I helped load it.

Doesn't he look so very happy :)

This is one of those score days that you are just like "YES"!!!

This dresser is one that I had in mind exactly what I wanted to do, and I had just been waiting for the right piece.

I have always loved the Ethan Allan J. Murphy Blacksmith sign.  I mean not just love but LOVE!

I have been holding out until I found the piece I really wanted it on!! Actually this is the 2nd piece I've done...one is a piece in my house, but I haven't taken good pictures of it!

I started out with this...  By the way those knobs were stunning, but unfortunately not able to be salvaged :(

This was actually after a good cleaning!!

I did a reverse stencil using my Silhouette Cameo (have I mentioned...I love my Silhouette?)  I then painted it with an Antique White chalk paint.  

And...the final result -

I love it and would love to keep it, but it will be heading over to my booth soon.  I will post pictures of the one I did for our home another day!!

I am also working on a weekly series that will hopefully be coming to you in the next week or two.  Can you guess what I will be sharing with you on a weekly basis?  Come back soon to find out!

With much love, peace & happiness!!

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