Antique White Hutch - Lynn Fern

Antique White Hutch

I am showing you an old furniture makeover I did a while back.  I loved this antique hutch makeover, and not sure why I never wrote about it.

I had originally made-over this antique white hutch for the first booth space I rented last year.

It went with the side buffet table (found here) I had done for the booth as well which pictured next to it in the above picture.  I thought they'd go as a pair.  

But, while it was there it didn't sell.  Me...I was surprised. I for a second thought about hanging onto it....

I totally loved it, and it showcases beautiful pyrex nicely.  But, like all of the other pieces (and pyrex) I love, it had to go on to the booth since I can’t keep everything or my house would look like my garage & basement.

Have I mentioned that I am overflowing with furniture to redo?  Projects that are beaming their eyes at me begging to be made pretty...  Recently (and not so recently) 3 different people said we look like Sanford & Sons.

I seriously try to refrain from buying, but gosh when it has beautiful legs and gorgeous lines, how do you say no!?!

Ok...anyway...that hutch!

I forgot to take pictures before, but since it was a match to this side buffet table you can see the finish on it.  

Same stuff…

It had run marks all over the sides.  I ended up sanding the entire piece using my Ryobi detail sander.  It helped me get into all the crooks and crannies, and it took it down just enough to remove the peeling lacquer.  

I wiped it clean with a little vinegar/water/lemon mix, and was set to give this girl a face lift.  I painted it in an antique white, distressed and using a dark wax to age it.

Inside the drawer I painted in a smokey slate blue.

I also used my stencils and etched a little detail into all 4 corners of the glass.  I think it gave it just a wee bit of something special.

It was in my new booth space at Newburgh Vintage Emporium for only 2 weeks when it found its new home here.

Do you like the glass etching or would rather have just plain glass?

I have another gorgeous hutch that I will be working on very soon...  Should I add some glass etching or leave it plain?

With much love, peace & happiness
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