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Americana Decor - Relic & Primitive trunk makeover

I found this little trunk/chest at an auction...

You'd seriously kick me if I told you how much I paid for it!  Of course the day I walked in with it my husband gave me that look.

Oh I knew what his brain was saying...

Our conversation went something along these lines...
His mouth only allowed the words "oh this is....ummm...cute!?!" to come out.

Me:  Please... You do not think this is cute!  Because I definitely do not!!  Really do you really think I am leaving it this way!?!  :::insert major eye roll:::

Him: Well I don't know what you are thinking...

Me: Hmph..don't you know me better than this by now?

And, then it sat in my basement for a good year.  You know because I loved the way it looked...
....under the pile of other stuff I needed to move around to make it look like I was making progress!

Ok really...I forgot about it.

One day as I was looking for something else that was buried I stumbled on it (truth be known..a secret between us...I purchased 4 or 5 more and remembered I probably should rid of this one before he found it again, and asked me oh so gently what I would be doing with this "cute" chest/trunk thingy.)

It was a simpleton... Nothing spectacular about this sweet boy right here.

But, I changed that....

Painted him in Americana Decors Primitive.

And, gave him a nice outline in Americana Decors Relic.

And, I used a reverse stencil that I cut using my Silhouette Cameo on the top that I felt suited him well.  That stencil was a fun one to prepare for the reverse part of it... It was the longest part of the entire project!

I used liming wax to tone down the Relic and to create a nice steel grey color.

Gave him some wheels and he was ready to roll on over to Newburgh Vintage Emporium.

  He only lasted there for a very short time before he moved onto his new home.  I think he is going to be happy & well cared for!

Much love, peace & happiness
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