MCM Dresser makeover - Lynn Fern

MCM Dresser makeover

MCM Dresser makeover using Maison Blanche Wrought Iron & Americana Decor Primitive

I found this awesome MCM side table/dresser on the side of the road.

My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw it.  It was sitting there all alone...  It was begging me to put it in my car to bring home!!

I had just picked up my little one from Pre-K, and I asked her "do you think I should stop and pick it up?".  Of course her response was "yes of course mommy...well if it is free".

All the way home (the full 5 minute drive) she was so excited repeating "Mommy you got a really great piece of furniture, yay mommy, way to go mommy"...

As soon as I got home I wanted to start painting it.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I ended up needing to take my father to the doctor on Thursday, and then again on Friday morning.  But, when we got home on Friday, with my dunkin donuts coffee (because I so needed it), I started on my transformation!!

Adding the first details -

First thing I did was use my Silhouette Cameo to cut out Subway Art Stencil.  I have been dying to make something over using subway art.  I just love it, and feel this was the absolute perfect piece.

I then painted the drawers with Americana Decor Primitive for the reverse stencil effect.

While the paint dried on the drawers, I painted the entire dresser in Maison Blanche Wrought Iron.

Using transfer paper I added the subway art to the drawers.  

I then painted over the top of the stencil with the Maison Blanche Wrought Iron.  

Prior to going over it in the Wrought Iron, I went over lightly with the Primitive.  This helps to have cleaner lines when you remove the stencil.

Once dry I peeled of the stencil!

It looks pretty darn awesome if I say so myself....


I wasn't done just yet...

It needed just one more added touch -

I decoupaged (free) NYC Subway maps to line the inside of the drawers...

I gave it a nice wax, and one coat of wipe on seal it!

It needed to show the maps of the art on the front... I think it is now complete!

Someone else's trash, will now become someone else's treasure!!

I seriously still can't believe I scored this sweet thang... It was in perfect shape, just needed a little love & it was good to go.

Until next time 

Much love, peace & happiness

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