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Old Chippy Secretary Desk

Hello friends..

I know it's been a bit since I've been here.  We've had lots of changes going on, and some things directed my focus elsewhere.  My health for one...which I will write about because it's amazing the difference some things can make.

I also have been taking on more custom work, which I am loving!!  I get to transform pieces for people from a vision they have.  On Fern Avenue moved into a larger space at Newburgh Vintage Emporium.  It was something I've been working hard on accomplishing!  More on that to come as well.

A while back I picked up this beautiful Secretary at one of my favorite auctions.  I made the purchase either at the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013, it was prior to us moving into the house.

While it is gorgeous, it had several places that needed to be fixed.  It had some gouges and scratches all over it.  I tried a few different things to help bring it back, and it just wasn't working.

Chippy Patina Secretary Desk

So... I decided to make it over.  The center piece on top somehow came up missing from our move.  And, this is the only before picture I have (I got excited about this makeover).

I knew I wanted an old patina look...  Chippy yumminess!  I know this sweet thing has a story to tell..

Chippy Patina Secretary Desk

This was a process to achieve the look as if this had been painted a hundred years ago with layer upon layer of paint that naturally chipped off over time.

Chippy Patina Secretary Desk

I cleaned the entire piece and used a deglosser before starting the painting process.

The first thing I did was to use milk paint in a white color.  I used 2 coats of the milk paint and it started to chip on its own.

Chippy Patina Secretary Desk

I then went over the dried milk paint with the leftover milk paint with my Navajo White chalky paint and gave it 2 light coats.  Once dry it got 2 solid coats of Randolph Gray.

Chippy Patina Secretary Desk

I used some crackle medium in areas I'd like to see a little crackle going on...  And, then my final 2 coats of Navajo White.  Lots of layers.

Chippy Patina Secretary Desk

Once it was all dry, I took my 5 in 1 tool and chipped away were I wanted to see big chippy chunks.

Chippy Patina Secretary Desk

I sanded as I went along with a medium grit sanding block, and then a fine sanding block to smooth it out.

Chippy Patina Secretary Desk

I used clear wax first, buffed and then used a dark wax mixed with clear wax and mineral spirits to add that extra old feel.  The inside is painted with a color called Liquid Jade... 2 coats and waxed with the dark/clear wax mixture.

Chippy Patina Secretary Desk

I finished it by using these stunning glass knobs from http://www.dlawlesshardware.com.

I love how she turned out and the chippy patina look.

Much love, peace & happiness ~

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