Ugly cabinet turned art station - Lynn Fern

Ugly cabinet turned art station

We love to create things besides messes in this house.

My girls could sit and draw, color, make messes, create sculptures from play doh, make bracelets with teeny tiny little beads, paint, etc for hours.  They love to do anything art related!

I came across this cabinet that I thought was on the not so pretty side at an auction.  I guess others felt the same because no one wanted it, and I scored it for $5!

Art Station

See /\/\/\/\  that thing... not so pretty! And, it's heavy!  My husband asked me what exactly was my vision for this :::bleeping::: thing!  I said I don't know but it was only $5, I will come up with something.

I started on it about 8 or 9 months ago....hanging my head pretty low!  I then had plans for other things that I just couldn't wait to do.  I have a bit of a stockpile of furniture, and I have a bit of ADD.  The ADD is only with furniture & cleaning.  I start on one piece, look up at another & get immediate inspiration, drop my brush and start messing with the other piece. That is why I've been banished to my corner room in the basement that I call my keeps me somewhat sane :)

Art Station

8 or 9 months ago I had gotten it painted in Barn Red, tin ceiling tiles replaced whatever those boards were, and handles attached...

And, then she sat.  Until one day General Finishes had sent me a couple of samples as they did many different people. I had painted this dresser with one of the samples called Patina Green.  Oh my lawd I was in love.  You can see that dresser HERE.  If you went and looked at the post, you will see where I am headed with this cabinet.

One day my girls were downstairs with me playing while I was painting.  We were chatting back and forth about life, the things they love to do, as they were drawing.  At that moment it struck me.

I should make them a little art station for the living room (our living, dining room & kitchen is all one big open's where we spend time as a family).  A place where they have coloring books, crayons, games, arts & crafts, etc.  I knew this cabinet was the perfect height for chairs if I put it on casters and add a top to create a bit of an overhang.  Plus being that it is so heavy, it'd be easy to move.  At that moment I was struck again... Ahhh wouldn't it be fun to add a chalkboard to the top so they can draw, erase, draw, and create more!

Since it was going in our main living area, I wanted it to tie into the decor.  I am so glad I put this project off for 8 or 9 months...see things do happen for a reason (and, no it's not to allow my brain that long to think of a plan).  Just the right color came along, to me without knowing it existed and General Finishes just knowing the right color to send.

Green Patina...
Art Station

It pairs up so amazing with Modern Masters metal effects.  I also talked about the metal effects in the blog post up there..

Art Station

Art Station

Once it was all painted, I added this top to it.  Funny thing (see things happen for a reason) I had this top leftover from another project I had done....months (maybe even a year) ago.  This was an extra cut.

I sanded it smooth...and then painted the top in 2 coats of chalkboard paint, lightly sanding in between to create a nice smooth finish.

Art Station

I lightly distressed the body to show the red through.  I think it matches the rusty look on the tin tiles.  By the way those tin tiles were brand new shiny silver (I scored both for less than $5)...but thanks to the metal effect they look old and patina.

I also painted the back with chalkboard paint so they could draw on that side too.

Art Station

Somebody had to sneak into the picture up there :).  He's my helper and just loves to be where I am all the time.

Art Station

My sweet munchkins had no idea I was doing this for them.  They saw me painting it, but all they ever said was "ohhh mommy it's pretty"...good thing kiddos because it's yours!

Art Station

They have a place to store their stuff.. Trust me it is much more packed full by now...

Art Station

A drawer to store their judging...they only play educational games :::cough cough::

Art Station

The chairs were a yard sale find that came in that great yellow color ($2.00 for the pair).  I had leftover coffee sacks from a previous project (they were actually given to me).  The top was extra from another project that I have already sold..  Paint was free.  I used very little metal effects. So this project cost me less than $15 to completely do.
Art Statopm

I know my girls will enjoy (already have) this art station. They were both very surprised & everyday you can find them sitting in their seats drawing, chatting, singing, creating, being an inspiration, playing and making memories with each other.  I love seeing that, and it fills my heart with so much joy!

Much love, peace & happiness...

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