Custom Blue French Desk with Rose Chair - Lynn Fern

Custom Blue French Desk with Rose Chair

There are just those days where you feel super lucky (or blessed)...I have those days often for many reasons besides scoring great furniture finds...

But, today I am going to tell you about this desk & chair that I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time (or maybe it's because someone thinks I am nice & returned the niceness to know who you are :)).  Of course I forgot to take a full before picture...

I love the lines on this French desk & every time I see these desks, dressers, or nightstands I just love them.  What most people don't like about them is the laminate part of these pieces.

Don't shy away from the laminate top... This is what I did (& have done) that works.  I sand the top, rough it up good.  I usually start with 40 or 60 grit paper on my orbital sander that has adjusting speeds.  Once it's rough I go back over it with a 150 grit so it still is roughed up & the paint has something to grab onto.

I then clean the entire piece with TSP (I also use Simple Green but I was out & sometimes Krud Kutter).  At the same time I cleaned up and prepped the chair I chose to go with the desk.

I picked this sweet thing up from a barn clean out.  No seat & was pretty dirty from sitting in the barn for a while.  But, I loved it.  When I brought it home....well let's just say I tried to hide it!! I have a mass quantity of chairs & so of course I was asked when it would be leaving :)

I love the custom mix blue color I chose for this set.  I felt it went with the lines of the desk well.

Desk & chair painted.. Now to put in a seat and upholster the chair cushion.  I chose to do a webbing seat instead of a wood seat.  No real reason, it was just what I was feeling that day!

Using my birthday present to myself, my trusty Ryobi AirStrike narrow crown stapler (nope wasn't asked to write this post...this is me being excited for an awesome power tool that I bought myself that I've been dying to get my hands on).  I used jute webbing & intertwined it to create a nice durable seat.

I cut out my foam pattern using a sharpie to trace the pattern out.  It doesn't have to be perfect (I've learned this over the years).

And, using my awesome stapler had my fabric attached in no time!!  The best part of the stapler, it was not only quick, but I could use it one handed to pull my fabric with the other hand.  I also wasn't dying from pains in my hands after.

I then attached my trim... and I was done with the desk & chair.  Now to find it a nice sweet home!

I think it is stunning!! I would absolutely love to keep this baby, but I have no place to put it and I have no blue (once again my sad blue story) in my home.

Hopefully someone will see this, fall in love as much as I did & give it a new home!

Much love, peace & happiness ~

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