Cobblers Bench - Lynn Fern

Cobblers Bench

I have seen these type of benches many times in my travels, but I never knew what they were called.

One afternoon I was in my booth space puttering around.  Cleaning, stocking & so on.  My friend Terry stopped in & said hello.  He was also puttering around his space.  We barter back & forth, you know the good old fashioned kind of bartering that you rarely see anymore!

He came to me & said this bench I have down here isn't moving.  I think it needs a little freshening up.  What do you think, could you do something with it?  Me!?! Yes of course I can.  I sat on it...literally... for a couple of weeks.  I loved it & thought it fit this space well that you see above!

But, I can't keep everything.  So, I decided to let my creative mind go forth.

I wanted to add a little seat cushion, so I pulled off the little piece of divider.  It was nailed on & so it came off easily.

I cleaned it well, scuffed it up a bit, and mixed my paint to a color I loved.  It was Miss Mustard Seed lucketts green and kitchen scale for the win!  I loved the greenish blue hue it provided!

While I let the paint dry, I created a seat template using cardboard.  I used the cardboard since it bends easily.  I cut out a rectangular piece that would fit into the area, and then using a sharpie I traced the curved area on the bottom side.

I finished up the painting.  I used hemp oil to do a little wet sanding and distressing.  And, then I attached my seat.

Once it was all in place, I decided I wanted just a bit more detail, and so I added the nailhead trim!

Once I took it back into the shop to drop it off is when I found out that this sweet little bench has a name.  It is a cobblers bench!  I never knew that!

I love the way it turned out.  And, I finally had to get it out of my house & down to the shop because I would've just kept it for myself!

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