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Inspired By - Lane Cedar Chest Makeover

Hello beautiful friends...  I've joined forces with many other blogger friends to bring a furniture makeover with a theme to you each month.

Welcome to our Furniture Refresh October edition.  Our theme this month is "Inspired By"....  This really could mean so many things!  Originally I was going (and still went in that direction) with an inspired by fall.  It was the theme that had been set out as the guidelines for the group.  And, well since fall is my favorite season it fit!  But, then it was changed to just inspired by, which I also loved!  
I was asked by this very sweet lady if I could refinish her tabletop.  I went to her home to meet with her, look at the table & make a plan.  When I got there, I was greeted by an 81 year old German (Alsatian) lady.  Once she showed me her table she asked if I could take a look at an old chest that was in her basement.  During each of my visits, I was given many tours of the home with stops to show me her antique finds along with history of her homeland!  

The basement had flooded while her & her husband spent last winter in Florida!  She was saddened to think that the chest was ruined & wanted to know if I could paint it to try & revive it!

Let me back up just a bit... I love old chests & have been looking for one for a while.  They remind me of my Grandma Brewer (I talk about her here and share some of her poems & artwork).  So when I saw this sweet chest & felt the sadness for my new friend, it just brought on a sense of nostalgia!  I said yes of course I am happy to take it & fix it up for you.  She wanted it to be a pretty green.

This is my Grandma Brewer - Myrtle Ella Neeley Brewer, she was born in 1892. She was 9 years old in this photo!  

I brought the chest home & begin to work on it.  Pulling off the veneer that had warped and most of which had already peeled off.

It just came right off without any problems.  

 I could see such beautiful bones under all that damage!

The front at one time had some nice detail.  But, it was long gone.  We added a nice applique to bring back some of the detail.  I also removed the trim and used some wood glue to secure it.  The were all loose & at some point would've fallen off.

I think the reason I think of my grandma when I find old chests...I think Grandma Brewer when I cuddle up with a quilt.  Chests are made to hold quilts & treasures.  And, a treasure given to me from her is her creativity.  She was an artist.  She drew greeting cards & birthday cards that were just beautiful.  

I went on to fix up this sweet chest.  I filled all the small holes, sanded lightly & begin my first stroke of paint.

A nice light green just as my sweet German client asked for!!!  As I painted this piece I could sense my Grandma watching over me...I felt the peace :)

The inside of the chest was stunning!!  I just cleaned it out and used a little hemp oil to condition the wood!

As my husband & I delivered it, my client was so happy & excited that I was able to give a whole new look on life.  What once she thought was lost was found again!  It will now live on for many years to come!

Not only inspired by fall with this lovely green, but by my amazing grandma.  This lane cedar chest is sweet just like my of the most incredible people I've had the pleasure of having in my life!!  It is now ready to hold onto many treasures for many many years.

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