Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint - I am grateful for series - Lynn Fern

Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint - I am grateful for series

Disclosure: Remember all opinions I share about the products in my post are 100% my own with complete honesty.The post contains sponsored links from Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint

Today I am grateful for my husband, the father of our children.  He loves coaching these 2 in soccer!!
The start of the 2015 Cornwall Rec Soccer
I am grateful that he is a hard worker, and that he provides a beautiful home, food for our bellies, and the unconditional love that he gives every single day!  He is such a great provider! He is strong!  He is a thoughtful & a great gift giver.  He will do anything to help at anytime...even moving furniture when he has loads of work to do!  I am grateful that he supports me in all I do from writing this blog,  to giving me support as I embark on my new journey of going back to school.  

And, this is how we move loads of furniture!
I am grateful that we can coach soccer together, all while having fun doing it!  Head coach & assistant coach... What a fun year!?!

Two of the greatest gifts he has given have been our girls!  He is an amazing father to them!

He's very wise & I constantly look to him for business & life advice!  He keeps me grounded when life takes me on a whirlwind....even on the days I am not so nice to be around!  I once was wounded (another story for another day when I am ready), but he has loved me unconditionally.  He rescued me!

Today I am teaming up with Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint to bring this giveaway to you!  I am so very excited about this giveaway for so many reasons...

Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint - I am grateful for series

Karen, owner of Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint, has a very kind spirit & I could feel that as we spoke many times via email.  When we started chatting about doing the giveaway, she was in the midst of working on revamping her website.  She asked me to take a peek to see what I thought.  Normally the first thing I do is go right into the products area.  But, something was telling me to look at the BLOG part of her website.

 I am so glad I did!!! I always wonder where & why people come up with the name of their company name, whether it be a store, a blog or website.  I realized just then the kind spirit I was feeling from Karen was spot on.

"Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint was born from a need to bring things back to life. It is ironic that the same concept was the inspiration for the name itself. The reason Wise Owl was chosen as our brand name was because as a child, I cared for injured and orphaned owls with my mom."

When it came time for Karen to choose a name & logo for her company, she remembered how the Wise Great Horned had inspired her.  She hopes that her paint will inspire others.

I realized we shared some great things in common.  One being that we both love animals and at young ages helped rescue injured or sick animals.  My father can give you many stories of wild animals I brought home & nursed back to health as a child.  Karen & I also both love the thought of bringing furniture back from being trashed, needing repairs to something that once again can be cherished again!

Wise Owl is offering this wonderful prize package -

2 Pints of your color choice of paint
1 Cling On Brush
1 HQ Brush
1 Small Hemp Oil

Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint - I am grateful for series

Wise Owl mission is to provide premium products free of harsh chemicals and solvents. Their versatile paint is zero VOC which means there are no volatile organic compounds. Their wax is made from local beeswax and is solvent free as well. Our hemp oil is 100% hemp seed oil without unnecessary fillers or preservatives. The paint has amazing coverage and distresses with ease. And, their finishes are sublime and provide strong protection for your hard work. Wise Owl would like our consumers to feel good about painting and be able to do so without compromising health or the environment to do so.

Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint - I am grateful for series

Make sure to stop by Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint Facebook page to see some amazing inspiration!  

Today's post makes me so very grateful to have a wise husband that rescued me, the one that's always been a rescuer.

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