The Ridge Road Rebuild - Lynn Fern

The Ridge Road Rebuild

We set out looking for a home to buy in the school district we desired for the girls.  In May 2012 we closed on a home that came with a little over 3 acres and couldn't wait to start renovations.  We started renovations asap.  We were expanding a bathroom and giving the girls a larger room.  We had been working on renovations for about 5 weeks when on the morning of Friday, June 15, 2013 we received a call that there had been a fire.

We rushed over to the house to see it was a total loss.  We had moved everything there as we were set to move the remaining few items the next day (which was only a bed and the girls bunk beds and an armoire).  Things can be replaced, lives cannot, and we were just thankful and feel very blessed to have not been in the house.

Our family and friends stepped up to meet the challenge of being there to support us and provide loads of unconditional love and friendship without wavering once.  We as a family could never express the gratitude that we feel.  Our hearts have been humbled.

I decided to start a blog to write about our journey as we were heading into unknown territory.  Little did I know that it would lead me down the road I've been taken on.  I started painting and redoing more furniture.  I have met and connected with some pretty amazing people that I would consider friends.

Our home has been rebuilt but the journey has not ended.  I hope you will come on the ride with us just know some days there are bumpy roads, but together it will turn into one big smooth ride.

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